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Geometric Morphometrics Workshop (Transmitting Science)

Geometric morphometrics is a digital and mathematical assessment of shape changes in organisms, allowing a deeper understanding of their evolutionary, phylogenetic and ecological patterns. On the occasion of the 1º PaNOP, Transmitting Science will deliver and fund a free introductory workshop on geometric morphometrics, with special emphasis on Paleontology.

Roundtable about the specific legislation of the paleontological heritage in Galicia

This roundtable tries to face the problematics on conservation and protection of the paleontological remains in the autonomous community of Galicia. At date in Spain, the autonomic governments regulate the legislation of this heritage, existing notable differences among regions. In Galicia, the Law is very permissive, because only the paleontological remains related with the human history are recognized as Archeological Heritage (Law 8/1995, Article 55; without modifications in the Law 5/2016). Since this legislation has not been modified in the last 30 years, a coordinated action of the Galician paleontologist community is essential for an effective protection of our Paleontological Heritage.

Roundtable about paleontological scientific career in Galicia

Awareness of the Paleontological Heritage of Galicia is unfortunately lacking, especially due to the poor attention given to its fossiliferous sites. Unlike what happens in other regions of Spain, Paleontology receives little interest among youngsters. On the other hand, there are few lines of research in paleobiological topics in Galician universities, so a professional career in Paleontology is not perceived by university students, forcing those interested to move to regions with a longer paleontological tradition. The present roundtable seeks to face this problem, prompting initiatives to revert this historic trend.