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Either during the day or at night, there is always life here. This is a city for strolling and enjoying oneself, with beaches beaches in the city centre and, with the Tower of Hércules overlooking it, a long promenade which goes almost all the way around. The inhabitants of A Coruña are famous for living well, so follow their example. Sit at a café on the main square known as Plaza de María Pita and discover its fascinating history. Or stroll along the area of the Cantones and admire the famous glass windows, from the Modernist period. And if you would like to go shopping this is the perfect place, especially if you want to dress in style. Also, A Coruña has excellent museums, such as the Fine Arts museum, the Science Museum, the Domus or the Archaeological museum, located in the San Antón castle. And towards sunset, there is nothing like the cosy and romantic San Carlos gardens or if you prefer entertainment, the Méndez Núñez garden, right in the centre of the city. This is where the Kiosko Alfonso is located, which today is an exhibit centre and was formerly a cinema with two rooms separated by the screen, so you paid a lower fee if you watched the movie from behind the screen.

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